How Is Becoming India’s Leading Sunglasses Brand

India is a country with an ancient clothing design tradition, though a handful of designers existed prior to the 1980s, the late 80s and the 90s saw a spurt of growth. This was the result of increasing exposure to global fashion and the economic boom after the economic liberalisation of the Indian economy in 1990. The following decades firmly established fashion as an industry across India. Sunglasses are most trending fashion accessories across the world and if we talk about India is literally challenging the stereotypes . Started in 2016, Faadu Sunglasses are one of the top seller of fashion accessories with over 10 thousand customers every month. Faadu is also featured and many magazines and Bollywood movies. Bollywood is the first source of fashion in India and Faadu is focused on Bollywood celebrities and fans. From many top YouTubers to Bollywood celebrities choose Faadu as their first choice.

As we move further this brand is associated with many other top Fashion Brands and influencers from around the world. Faadu Sunglasses is also taking over eyewear industry in India slowly and steady. Most of their products are manufactured in India under Make In India campaign initiated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Founders believe that fashion is something that can express your personality without speaking.

Recently Faadu went global and they are now shipping their products worldwide. Faadu Sunglasses review are mostly positive & their customers are satisfied with product quality and customer support. Our research shows that their most unhappy customers are unhappy because of delivery. India is still growing it’s e-Commerce business and delivery is still a major issue with almost every business including all e-Commerce giants.

There are many question about how and when this company started and we’ve gathered the information for you.

Categories: e-Commerce, Eyewear, Shopping, Fashion
Headquarters Regions: Asia Pacific (APAC)
Founded Date: 8 September 2016
Number of Employees: 55-100

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Parent Company: MindFuzz Media Pvt. Ltd.


Salman For A Selfie And Waited 5 Hours. Watch Video To see How He Ignored

Salman Khan is one of the most loved Bollywood stars. He is considered an unabashed superstar who guarantees 100 crore grossers. His stardom is such that even his 100 crore grossers are considered average because that is way below the mark he has set recently.

Salman Khan enjoys a huge fan following and wherever he goes paparazzi and fans follow him. Recently, at the trailer launch of Salman Khan’s Race 3 a huge crowd of fans was spotted waiting for him.

The biggest reason behind Salman enjoying such a big fan following is his kind nature towards people and his fans. However, he is also known to be very moody when it comes to meeting people.

The great Bollywood star tries to make all his fans happy but sometimes it becomes too difficult. Seems like, Salman recently broke the heart of one of his female fans.

After the trailer launch of Race 3, Salman along with other stars visited producer Ramesh Taurani’s house for a party. While he was coming out after attending the party, a female fan of Salman was waiting for him since long 5 hours as she wanted to get a selfie with him.

As Salman came out, she started crying and begging for the selfie. She said, “I’ve been waiting for 5 hours sir, Sir please 1 selfie”.

Her voice was recorded while paparazzi was covering Salman. One of the cameramen was also heard encouraging and supporting her.

All this while, Salman didn’t care a bit and moved on normally without clicking selfie with fan. Watch the video-

While it’s understandable that it’s not possible to click selfies with so many fans, Salman Khan would’ve atleast responded to her. But there are also speculations that the girl might be fake and the whole incident was staged. Perhaps Salman smelled something wrong and that’s why he ignored it.

What do you think?



Shah Rukh Offered Rs. 1 Crore To Amitabh Bachchan But He Refused To Accept. Here’s Why

Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are two legends of Indian Cinema who are essentially imperative and incomparable! In their decades-long adventure in Bollywood, they have accomplished a great deal and there’s not really who can coordinate their emanation and appeal!

At whatever point they have seemed together, they made a tempest on the movies and it’s not just about the income of the flicks but rather the substance was additionally strong; for example, “Veer-Zaara”, “Mohabbatein”, “Paheli”, “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… “, “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna”, and so forth.

They certainly share a cheerful and neighborly bond which is strong to the point that once Amitabh Bachchan declined to accept his fee for his part in “Paheli”.

In the event that you recollect, Big B made a cameo of around 10 minutes in Shah Rukh’s home production film “Paheli” and for this, SRK should pay Rs. 1 crore as his fee. Shockingly, SRK forgot to sign the check in rush or anxious enthusiasm and gave it over to Senior Bachchan. In any case, Amitabh declined to accept the check, saying that he didn’t do the cameo for cash yet for passionate reasons. At one singular motion, he likewise conveyed it to SRK’s notice that the check was not signed.

Amitabh Bachchan stated,

“He gave me an envelope and flowers after the shoot and I thought it contained a thank you note. On reaching home, I found the cheque. I did the cameo role for emotional reasons, and emotions cannot be evaluated so I returned it back to him. I also noticed that it wasn’t signed and brought it to his notice.”

He added,

“Actors do this all the time (not accepting money) for special reasons. It’s not the first time with me.”

That is a sweet gesture and the occurrence turns out to be known as a megastar for all the correct reasons! What do you say?


Remember Baalveer and Baal Sakhi? They Have Grown Up And You Will Love Them Even More Now

Remember Baalveer? The TV appear for youngsters was among the longest-running shows as it was telecasted for a long time. The lead characters Baalveer and Baal Sakhi or Meher turned out to be greatly popular in the 1,111 episodes of the show.

It was one of the most loved shows of youngsters from 2012-2016 and every one of them wanted to watch it. Yet, do you know, the star cast of Baalveer has extremely grown up and they look astonishing right at this point.

The lead performing artists Dev Joshi (Baalveer) and Anushka Sen (Baal Sakhi) have grown up to be greatly attractive. They two have their own Instagram account and appreciate a decent fan following.

Dev Joshi is heading towards the 400k mark and Anushka Sen enjoys a huge fan following of 1.5m. Have a look at some of their recent photos-












Don’t they look amazing?