8 Popular Actresses Who Revealed Their Casting Couch Horrors

Throwing lounge chair is one of the ugliest substances of the excitement business which generally appears to be exceptionally swanky and awe inspiring. Not simply Bollywood but rather the Indian media business too has not stayed untouched by this social insidiousness of the showbiz business.

Over and over famous people have turned out to discuss it and feature its essence in the business. A great deal of famous people have even cried casualties of the throwing sofa. While some have abstained from discussing it out in the open, others have been colorful to convey it to take note.

Numerous performing artists have voiced their experiences with distorted executives or makers who have requested physical favors from them. Today we present to you the count of 10 famous on-screen characters who claim to have terrible experiences with such chiefs or makers. These performing artists have transparently conceded that physical favors were looked for from them by their movie producers.

1. Kalki Koechlin

She has dependably been known for her capricious daringness and we adore her for that. Kalki conceded that she has been looked with throwing sofa a great deal commonly yet she got away it inevitably.

2. Surveen Chawla

The performing artist too uncovered once that in her initial days in the motion picture industry of the South she was requested physical favors. Surveen has now made a stamp in the Bollywood.

3. Payal Rohatgi

Dibakar Banerjee was straightforwardly blamed by Payal Rohatgi for throwing sofa. She likewise uncovered that Dibakar had requested that her expel her best amid the tryouts of Shanghai. Dibakar Banerjee, in any case, denied every one of the claims flung at him by Payal Rohatgi.

4. Shilpa Shinde

She revealed that she left the famous show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai’ as she was inappropriately touched by her producer.

5. Tisca Chopra

Tisca too admitted that she had been approached by a filmmaker for the casting couch.

6. Kangana Ranaut

She has dependably been brave in raising her voice against bad behaviors. She is nervy and fears nobody. Kangana uncovered that she was requested physical supports in relatively every tryout. She, in any case, had confidence in her ability and denied any such offers.

7. Paridhi Sharma

The TV actress who featured in Jodha Akbar went on to allege the director, Santram Verma for abusing her physically.

8. Mamta Banerjee

Clearly, Mamta was requested physical supports by the executive, Rajkumar Santoshi. After she declined to broaden physical favors her part in the film China Gate was trimmed.