Priya Prakash Is Back With New Video. Her Fans Will Get Crazier After Seeing Her In This Munch IPL Ad

Priya Prakash Varrier turned into a celebrity overnight after a short clip from her debut movie entitled “Oru Adaar Love” became a web sensation. In the viral video, Priya was seen winking at her co-star Roshan Abdul Rahoof. Individuals simply adored her executioner articulations and soon she was titled as winking queen.

It’s certainly a momentous accomplishment on her part to get such a tremendous fan following and fame even before the arrival of her first since forever movie. Shortly another video from a similar flick was discharged and folks succumbed to Priya to see her shooting a flying kiss to her on-screen character. It was very clear for the second video to get viral as well and numerous individuals began sharing their own particular adaptations, copying Priya’s style of flying kiss.

Presently our most loved Internet sensation is back with another video and it’s identified with cricket.

As we as a whole realize that IPL is going on and individuals are basically insane for this cricket party, even brands are looking for chance to benefit as much as possible from it.

Munch has released its new ad and it highlights Priya savoring Munch chocolate in a cricket ground. All of a sudden ball goes to her and when a cricketer requests that her give him ball, she says, “main fenki hui chijen nahi uthati (I don’t get things which are thrown on the ground)”

To this, the man says that she has a ton of attitude and Priya answers, “Haan free ka hai (Yes, it’s free of cost)”

Watch The Video:

This ad will get consideration of Priya’s fans and in addition cricket sweethearts.

How did you find Priya’s acting in the ad?


Durex Trolled Facebook In Its Latest Ad. People Are Loving The Creativity

Facebook’s enormous information leak has stunned users. Indeed, even administrators, financial specialists and officials are thinking that its difficult to trust that something like this happened.

In any case, Facebook said that it had already cautioned about the ruptures years prior. It is said that examination firm Cambridge Analytica bought this touchy data from a brain research test application. Information of around 87 million users was leaked.

Numerous users had downloaded the application, after which their profiles and rundown of Facebook companions was uncovered.

In the midst of this, Durex attacked Facebook in its new ad. As we as a whole know, Durex’s innovative group is too great with regards to online networking ads.

This time, they focused on Facebook’s information leak issue and thought of something extremely imaginative. They said that with Durex, there are no leaks! Did you get the significance? I am certain you did…

Here’s the ad;

Individuals thought of entertaining responses on this ad. You have to look at a few;





So guys, how did you find the ad? Wasn’t it very creative? Let us know your thoughts.


Dhoni Shows His Shooting Skills On Twitter. Fans Say He’s An All-Rounder

Indian cricket batsman, wicket-keeper and previous captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an all-rounder and that is known by everybody. As of late, Mahi displayed one more aptitude of him and it cleared out his fans stunned.

In the midst of the training for his up coming IPL coordinate, Dhoni discovered some time and working on shooting. He likewise got the video recorded and shared on Twitter for his fans.

MS Dhoni took to Twitter and composed this caption alongside the video-

“Shooting gun is much more fun than shooting ads”

Watch the video:-

His fans cherished the new expertise of their most loved cricketer and this is the manner by which they responded










Now that’s quite a treat for fans. Isn’t it? MS Dhoni just gave his fans one more reason to feel proud of him. This man is indeed something else and is getting better day by day. What are your thoughts on it?


Asifa’s Brutal Rape And Murder Is A Wake-Up Call, If We Don’t Act Now, Let’s Declare India’s Humanity Dead!

Let me tell a story. Quite a long time ago, some place oblivious forest, between the tall bladder-dark colored trees that won’t let the light touch the ground, a kid cried and cried as noisily as possible. She kept running for her life, wailed, attempted to escape from the beast pursuing her. Her minor feet and somber voice eventually surrendered. She was grabbed from behind, her mouth was mightily closed and her body quit reacting in stun. Her arms were curved, she had lethal injuries and after that, she was seized. She was quieted. She was raped, more than once. She was murdered. She was tossed between the shrubberies. She was only eight-year-old. She was a tyke. She was a Muslim.

India is where a rape happens similarly as frequently as a government official makes a ludicrous, sexist comment about the ladies in this nation, which coincidentally, may occur right now.

The web is humming with the news of Asifa Bano, getting raped and murdered in Rasana town close Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir. Presently, at whatever point a rape happens anyplace in this nation, the moment response of the natives is shock, tension, stun, retribution and well, to pay sympathies to the casualty who experienced the egregious crime and couldn’t survive.

Unfortunately, that is not by any means the only thing that is going on in this specific case.

Is India The Country That Supports Rapist and Murderers?

I will place it in straightforward words here, without turning it any further. Asifa had a place with a Muslim clan, Bakherwal, who used to live in Rasana town close Kathua, which is a Hindu-commanded town. As indicated by her father, Muhammad Yusuf Pujwala her rape and murder was significantly arranged and executed with the sole reason to oust the inborn group from the town. She was seized and covered up in a supplication corridor, where, she was raped and calmed numerous circumstances. Police have captured eight men, including a resigned government official, four cops and an adolescent who were altogether engaged with this rape and murder case. Police likewise said that she was executed in a Hindu temple and that the sanctuary’s overseer, Sanji Ram plotted her passing as an approach to torment the Bakherwals.

The miserable thing here is that there are activists who are presently dissenting the capture of the denounced, guaranteeing that the reports may have been mutilated, considering the authorities required to examine the case are Muslims as well.

“They are against our religion,” Bimla Devi, a dissident, told the New York Times. She said that if the blamed men weren’t liberated, “we will burn ourselves.” Asifa was murdered inside a temple, where Hindus go to their Gods and now, there are walks by Hindus alongside two BJP clergymen where individuals are indiscriminately, mind-numbingly supporting the blamed and shouting mottos for “Jai Shri Ram.”

The Game Of Hypocrisy

Would you be able to trust that it’s a similar nation that went wild after Nirbhaya’s rape case in 2012? Another case surfacing is the Unnao gangrape where a lady in Uttar Pradesh charged BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and his accessory of pack assaulting her. When she took a stab at endeavoring suicide outside Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s home, her dad was arrested and was purportedly beaten. He later surrendered to wounds. Both these occurrences are shocking and are crime against mankind more than whatever else.

India seems, by all accounts, to be a nation of posers and our spirits appear to have passed on. Asifa’s rape and murder case is likewise a murder of our inner voice, on the whole. Because this young lady was a Muslim, the Hindu activists who are supporting the denounced appear to have overlooked that she was an individual as well. For hell’s sake, she was a child who likely didn’t comprehend what a rape implies, what a murder implies. Her purity was exploited and thus, she capitulated her final gasp. You and I can’t start to comprehend the battles she more likely than not experienced.