Dhoni Adviced Raina, “Dande Pe Tez Mat Dalna”. He Did Exactly Opposite & This Happened

The T20 coordinate between South Africa and India was excessively energizing. India crushed an astounding 172 for the loss of 7 wickets; the primary credit for this colossal score goes to Suresh Raina and Shikhar Dhawan.

Toward the finish of 13 overs, South Africa’s score was only 79 for the loss of 3 wickets. In the fourteenth over, Suresh Raina was requested to bowl. Presently, in the fourth chunk of the fourteenth over, the batsman Christiaan Jonker hit a 4 towards the profound square leg limit.

This is when Dhoni came to know the correct circumstance and gave a splendid guidance to Raina.

As we probably am aware, the procedures are effortlessly heard on stump mics nowadays. Indeed, Dhoni was found hollering at Raina. He stated, “Dande pe tez tangle daalna. Dande pe tez tangle daalna. Dande pe tez tangle daalna (Don’t ball quick into the stumps. Try not to ball quick into the stumps. Try not to ball quick into the stumps).”


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He yelled this not here and there but rather thrice. Looks as though Raina disregarded his recommendation and rocked the bowling alley towards the stumps (rather than Dhoni’s technique).

The ball hit the batsman’s cushion and indeed he hit a limit. This time, Raina was fortunate that he wasn’t mishandled by Dhoni. Be that as it may, Dhoni was irate and he fluttered his hands in disappointment.