Lady Sends Dress Changing Pics To Wrong Number. This Is What Happened After That

Seeing a reaction like this, Tony Woods likewise shared an emotinal news. He tweeted that in the photo that has got so much love doesn’t have his second most youthful child, Kaizler and his better half, Rachel since they were at a chemo facility for Kaizler’s leukemia treatment. He tweeted-

Hi! Obviously you have influenced my youngsters To twitter celebrated! My second most youthful (not envisioned, he was at chemo center) has a FB page for his battle against Leukemia and one of our Prayer Warriors perceived the kids! Btw, my significant other concurred that the dress looked extraordinary! God Bless!

In somewhat matter of time, a measure of $1000 i.e Rs 65,000 was gathered and was given for the treatment. Here’s the manner by which the father responded

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