NDTV Reveals The Real Reason Why Other News Channels Are Reporting From Bathtub

Sridevi’s demise had made destruction the whole way across. She passed away on the 24th of February and from that point forward, all news channels were occupied with announcing the news.

Be that as it may, when the report expressing the reason for her passing as “Coincidental suffocating” turned out, some news channels crossed all breaking points of announcing. Indeed, we really observed a few columnists resting in the bath and giving it the title “Maut Ka Bathtub”. We were damn baffled to see such coldhearted revealing; even individuals pummeled them for making this issue so sensational.

Why news channels cross all breaking points?

In this, overseeing editorial manager of NDTV Sunil Saini clarifies why it is fundamental for news channels to do as such. All things considered, with a specific end goal to run a news channel, part of venture is required. He clarifies how individuals pay Rs 150 every month on daily papers, yet just Rs 2 on news channels. Consequently, it turns out to be exceedingly hard to meet the expenses.


For instance, when they send a columnist to another state to snatch a bit of news, they need to spend,

Rs 10,000 on flight tickets

Rs 500 every day on day by day remittance

Rs 4000 for neighborhood taxi

Rs 1000 additional costs

Thus, the cost of revealing 1 story comes to around 15,000. In like manner, they need to cover various stories day by day. In addition, the yearly cost of channel dispersion is around 30 crores. All in all, how would they recuperate this cost? All things considered, it is through TRPs.

They are exceptionally subject to sponsors for income; promoters are prepared to pay just when they get a decent reach. For a decent achieve, great TRPs are critical. Great TRPs are conceivable just when watchers are locked in through such substance.

He additionally says that it’s the blame of news channel as well as the blame of individuals who wish to devour such news.

It was important to report from the bath and NDTV appropriately demonstrated it.