Man Enters Board Exam Hall, Shoots His Crush & Commits Suicide. Read Full Story!

A 17-yr young lady who would take her class XII science board exam on Thursday was killed minutes before the examination since she was not prepared to go into an relationship with a one sided lover.

The young lady was killed utilizing 0.315 bore nation made gun and in the wake of killing her, the executioner ended his life additionally utilizing a similar gun. Around then, he had a belt with 16 live cartridges and this occurred in only 3-minutes, leaving the general population standing close-by in a condition of stun.

The name of the casualty is Deepika Yadav and the charged has been recognized as Vikas Yadav (22). The awful episode occurred close Sant Gyananand Inter College at Nagla Gulal region that goes under the locale of Nagla Khangar police headquarters.

Vikas who fundamentally hails from Nathu Ki Thar town filled in as a driver in the NCR while Deepika was from Uravar town, only 2 kms a long way from Vikas’ town. Seven days prior, Vikas came Firozabad and from that point forward, he was compelling Deepika to go into an association with him. Yet, the young lady was not intrigued and she was concentrating on her investigations as she intended to wind up an architect. Deepika’s dad works in a private firm in Delhi and she was the oldest among the three kin.

Circle officer (CO) of Nagla Khangar, Ajay Singh Chauhan, told,

“Initial investigation has revealed that Vikas was forcing the girl into a relationship with him. The matter was not brought to the police’s notice and the girl’s parents wanted to resolve it on their own. We have recovered the country-made pistol and the bodies have been sent for postmortem. An FIR was filed against Vikas for murder under IPC section 302.”

Chauhan additionally included,

“Family members and neighbours said that Vikas was of stubborn nature. The fact that he brought 16 bullets and a country-made pistol with him suggests he would have killed anyone coming in his way or trying to stop him.”

Vikas had father and three senior sisters in his family while his mom passed on not long after he took birth.

What is occurring to this world, particularly the youths of today? Why are they so anxious?


Here’s Hidden Meaning Of No. Written On Coaches. This Number Reveals A Lot Of Info About A Train

Trains are the help of our nation. Despite the fact that numerous individuals go through autos, transports and plane, there are as yet a colossal number of individuals who incline toward trains. Yours genuinely is only one among them and I know the greater part of you must’ve gone via prepare in any event once in your lifetime.

All in all, at whatever point we go through a prepare, there’s dependably a number unmistakable on the compartments and before the motor Have you at any point pondered what does that mean?

All things considered, that is an imperative number and conveys an incredible hugeness particularly the primary digit. In this article, we’ll share the centrality of that first digit and the number and what does the entire arrangement really implies.

Sequence starting with 0

The trains with a sequence starting from 0 run on special occasions like Holi, Diwali and other holidays.

Sequence starting from 1

The trains with number starting from digit “1” represent the trains of long distance.

Sequence starting from 2

A sequence starting from “2” also reflects the trains meant for long distance and it is used when the train numbers starting with 1 are exhausted in any series.

Sequence starting from 3

These trains mainly start from Kolkata Junction and are called urban trains

Sequence starting from 4

The sequence of trains that run between metro cities like Delhi, Chennai and others start from the digit “4”.

Sequence starting from 5

The normal passenger trains have their sequence starting from “5”

Sequence starting from 6

MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit) trains have a sequence starting from 6.

Sequence starting from 7

DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) trains have a sequence number starting from 7.

Sequence starting from 8

This sequence tells about the reserved position of the train.

Sequence starting from 9

The trains with sequence starting from 9 run between Mumbai’s suburban areas.

However, this is not the only nomenclature used in our country and there are some others also.

Sometimes the first two digits of a sequence represent the manufacturing year of the train. Like a train with number 05052 means that it was manufactured in 2005. A train with the sequence 8239 means it was made in 1982.

There is a separate nomenclature for AC trains also. Have a look-

001-025: AC First Class

025-050: Composite 1st AC +AC-2T

050-100: AC 2T

101-150: AC 3T

151-200: AC Chair Car

201-400: Sleeper 2nd Class

401-600: General Second Class

601-700: 2L Sitting Jan Shatabdi Chair Car

701-800: Sitting Cum Luggage Rake

Similarly, there are trains with words like WCR, EF and NF which means that the train is manufactured by Central Railway, East Railways and North Railways respectively.


My Fiance Demanded S*x Before Marriage & My Life Got Ruined After That

I have a flat in UP and like some different groups of such urban areas, my family is likewise very traditionalist. We are not allowed to have a lover and go out to watch motion pictures in theaters alone or with companions.

Today I will pen down a genuine episode which demolished my life and included a dim part drenched with messy detects that discolored my character deeply and I created scorn for the male sexual orientation.

It’s said that Jodis are made in paradise and marriage is a standout amongst the most important events for a couple. I too was on the highest point of the world when my wedding was settled with Rakesh. As I as of now enlightened you concerning my family foundation, there’s positively no probability of it being an adoration marriage.

How might I overlook the day when he came to see me out of the blue with his folks? I was wearing a yellow saree and the rich pearl accessory was adding to my magnificence. I am a normal young lady and despite the fact that my composition is wheatish, I have a pleasant face cut.

His family preferred me and after a short babble session in which we got some information about each other’s propensities and side interests, we likewise gave our assent for the connection. Roka (a favorable event to affirm the marriage) was done that very day and I and Rakesh traded numbers as well.

We began messaging each other and now and then, we used to talk till late night. Love was noticeable all around, at any rate for me, and I furtively started to meet him in eateries amid school time. Truly, my school was not finished and I was in the third year of B.A. Not long after exams, the marriage was planned to occur.

Just four months were left for the examinations yet I couldn’t focus on thinks about. I really went gaga for him and for what reason not, he was the primary man to approach me. I was getting insane with every agonizing second and needed to experience each second with him. I wished time to fly and take me to our big day after which I will be his significant other everlastingly and won’t need to miss him day and night. In any case, predetermination had some different plans and that tragic day conveyed a dark section to my life’s book.

I was talking with him on WhatsApp as normal and he made a request which stunned me at first. He requesting that I have intercourse before marriage and I didn’t know how to respond. I adored him frantically and couldn’t make him irate. I attempted to persuade him yet he was determined. At to start with, I thought of saying NO straightaway yet I would not like to lose him. At any rate I needed to keep him cheerful and for this, I went too far.

Despite the fact that my cognizant didn’t permit me for this, I went to the inn room he reserved for us. He seemed, by all accounts, to be decent first and foremost and after our intercourse when we were going to return, he gave me the stun of a lifetime.

He scratched off the marriage and my exclusive wrongdoing was that I satisfied his request. He stated,

“On the off chance that you engaged in sexual relations with me before marriage without much protection, you would effortlessly have it with anybody. I was looking at you and you fizzled this test gravely. I can’t tie with a professionals like you who’s prepared to lay down with any man for some enjoyment without thinking about the notoriety of her family. You have no character and you don’t should be my significant other.”

I couldn’t accept what I heard and burst into tears. Everything began moving topsy turvy and I didn’t have the vitality even to move my feet. I oversaw myself by one means or another and returned home with an overwhelming heart. Tears were not getting ceased and I shut myself in my room. I was not in the condition to converse with anybody or have nourishment. I just told my mom that I had a part migraine and needed to rest. She solicited me to have a glass from tea or sustenance yet I yelled as loud as possible and after that lone, tears came in my eyes. She was stunned at my response and subsequent to closing the entryway, I began crying sharply.

Rakesh advised everything to his family; his dad called my folks and wiped out the marriage. My folks continued saying that there must be some misconception and there’s no spot in their little girl’s character yet they were in no mind-set to tune in and detached the call. I never observed my folks crying sea of tears yet that disastrous day shook our family and I was not ready to have eye to eye connection with them.

Such things spread like wood fire and my picture was flawed. I needed to tune in to offensive remarks wherever I went and that is the reason, I quit venturing out of the house. Our family had been disconnected and no relative or neighbor liked to go to our home.

I was split however then I made up psyche of accomplishing a comment over this despondency which grabbed bliss of me as well as my family. Exam time was drawing close; I covered my past and concentrated totally on examines. My diligent work paid and I beat the exam. Numerous years have passed and at present I am an instructor in a best school. In any case, loathsome recollections of that appalling occurrence are still new in my brain and later I chose not to have some other man in my life.