This Bengaluru Girl Taught A Great Lesson To The Molester On New Year’s Eve

On this new year’s eve, that is 31st December, 2016 was a really tough and some may even say, the “Worst” night for the women in Bengaluru, who suffered mass molestation by thousands of men, drunk men were groping women around the city. All this happened when government had guarded 1500 security personnel for the protection of citizens, but it was of no help. The politicians started the blame game after all this came into news. A CCTV footage of two men groping a woman is also doing rounds on the Internet, all this happened and no case of molestation was filed at the police station.

Chaitali Wasnik (24), a photographer, was returning to her home around 1:30 AM when a molester came up to her and started groping her. They thought if they molested Chaitali she would remain shut, molesters had the courage to molest her even though police men were around, but Chaitali thrashed those molesters, so the public had to then intervene.

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