Women Raped in Broad Daylight on Footpath, Onlookers Didn’t Help And Recorded Videos

In a stunning, disheartening and totally spine-chilling occurrence, a lady was supposedly assaulted by a tanked man with no attempt at being subtle on a pathway along a bustling street in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam. Apparently, the lady is slow-witted and nobody acted the hero as individuals continued looking and recording recordings.

Apparently, the blamed, recognized as 23-year-old G Shiva, has been captured. The story was picked by national media after a video recorded by an auto-driver show at the spot became famous online on the web. Nonetheless, even as a few people strolled past the street, no one attempted to stop the barbaric demonstration. This news has broken our hearts as we are gradually turning into a country that exclusive discusses “ladies strengthening”

As indicated by reports, the occurrence happened on Sunday at 2 pm close to a railroad station in Vizag, where the lady was sitting behind a tree on the pathway.

The charged, obviously vigorously alcoholic at the time, moved toward her and supposedly constrained himself upon her.

The police later captured the suspect after the police control room got a call with respect to the episode. G Shiva has been reserved under segment 376 of the Indian Penal Code that arrangements with assault.

News and included picture source: Times Now